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Friday, September 3, 2010

POINT GUARDS of the 2016 Class in Texas

Some say that the Point Guard position in the state of Texas has become a lost art. The point guard’s original purpose was to be the facilitator, the one that gets everyone else involved, and the state has a few good ones that do exactly that and some that bring other exciting tools to this position. This position is filled with a lot of coaches sons, which will make it very interesting come year 2016.

J.J. CALDWELL, Houston Defenders Select
There are many point guards around the nation that do things differently than what this position was originally designed for, but I haven’t seen anyone that plays this position any better than this guy (so far). He has the TOTAL package, you name it, he has it. The way that this young man distributes the ball through traffic and through opposing pressure is undeniable. He can score, whether it be with the deep three from anywhere on the court or penetrating to the cup. Did I mention that he can pass? Oh, ok,, What about his DEFENSE? Are you kidding me, this guy shuts them down. I haven’t seen an opposing point guard do anything worth talking about against him, not in the state nor the nation. He puts MAD pressure on opposing point guards effortlessly. He has size, speed, quickness and strength that many of us wish out kids had. He has by far, one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the business. Say what you want when you see his team play, but when you talk about the leader, you will be talking about Mr. Caldwell.

I love watching this young man bring it, he has the dazzling ball handling moves, speed, quickness and agility that brakes a lot of ankles and feelings. This guy is perhaps the best point guard at creating his own shot off the dribble. If you are at a tournament that he’s playing in, I guarantee that he’ll be the one getting the most ‘ooohs and ahhhs’ from the crowd, he shakes them down with extreme ease. His shooting is second to none at this position, he can hit it from anywhere on the floor. He’s probably more of two guard than a point because of his scoring mentality, but has demonstrated the ability to run an offense and distribute the ball. He has an unbelievable basketball IQ that is off the charts and his leadership qualities are astonishing. His work ethics are extremely high. This young man is highly ranked by some of the national ranking services already and he is truly deserving of it. He’s a son of a coach, so he will be one that will spend time in the lab working on any deficiency that he may have.

Jules MIRANDA, Texas Suns Select
This young man has been quietly flying under the radar for some time now, but I think that he will be one to deal with, especially once high school days come. There are only a few point guards in the state that distribute the ball and run an offense better than him. Just like a quarterback, this young man can make all of the passes in the book,, the simple pass to the unbelievable pass. One of the most unselfish players in the state, sometimes a little too unselfish, but he makes plays and keeps his teammates happy. Good defender and has a high basketball IQ. Although a bit undersized, this young man has great work ethics, and is very strong. He defends very adequately and has the physical toughness of a football player. He’s another young man that is the son of a coach that will only help him get better as time progresses. Watch this one, he’s one of the few TRUE point guards at a very early age.

         Jalen WEBER, TEXAS CAGERS
This young man has great poise and size for a point guard. He does have the speed and quickness to defend most opposing point guards. Has a good outside shot and knocks them down consistently. He runs the offense very well for his team and distributes the ball very well. Another coach’s son, it can only mean that he will get better, because he’s getting it at practice/games and at home. This young man can play and has great big game experience, keep you lazy-eye on this one too.

Another great talent and one that is flying under the radar is this young man. He has many dribble moves and has the jump shot to take over many games at any time. He has been notoriously known for his scoring abilities since the 3rd grade, but over the last year, he has been working on becoming more of a true point guard,, setting up his teammates, running a offense and defending the opposing point guards. Didn’t get to see this young man play much this year but knowing this young man, another coach’s son, he is constantly in the gym working on being a well rounded point guard. He carries the nickname ‘Clutch’ for knocking down several big time shots in the closing seconds of several games. Watch out for this young man, he will surely be one that we’ll be talking about in 2016.

Baker has great big game experience in him, he has hit several big time shots for his team many times the past season. He has great speed and quickness that helps him get to the cup easily. He also possesses a nice outside stroke that can hurt you feelings as an opponent. This young man will be one to watch for the future, he can play.

Pay attention to this name, he hasn’t played on the circuit yet, but he’s coming in 2011. This young man is a bit undersized but is tougher than nails and can play. Great ball handling skills, runs the floor non-stop on both ends, has a nice jump shot, and distributes the ball very effectively. Great charisma and very outgoing, and has a lovable personality. Watch out for this young man for sure because he’s another coach’s son too.

This young man has been one of the most steadiest point guards in the class since the 3rd grade. Another coach’s son that makes things happen for his team consistently. Handy plays defense very well using his size and frame to stop opponents effectively. He also can penetrate to the basket for easy scores and has a nice jump shot too.

This young man can shoot with the best of them and knows how to create his own shot effectively. Might be more of 2 guard because of his scoring mentality, but his lack of size defines his destination being at the point. Nonetheless, he plays hard and defends with great toughness. He’s been playing on some bad teams but you can never tell, because his game doesn’t change. A great scoring point guard that will maintain his status amongst the elite point guards.

This young man is an outstanding hidden treasure that we will all eventually come to enjoy watching. Marasigan doesn’t give you that ‘pizazz and glitter’ that most of the other point guards will, but he runs the offense intelligently and efficiently for his team. Pushes the ball hard when needed, hits the open shot when needed, and will get the ball to the open man. He is another undersized guard that doesn’t mind getting physical, he’s tough as they come. A brilliant mind, great student and plays the piano,,, this guy also has a very high basketball IQ. Like many of the previously mentioned point guards, his dad is his coach too. He will be around when high school hits because is one of the few TRUE point guards around.

Isiah SAENZ, San Antonio RAIDERS
This young man is the youngest out of the bunch, he is playing on the 2016 level but is in the 2017 class, but I like watching him play. He is a hard-nosed, in your face, scrappy type of player that creates a lot of excitement when he’s on the floor. He handles the ball very well and creates open shots for his teammates. Another undersized player but plays bigger than he looks, this is how I look at this youngster. Watch this young man explode into the upper echelon of point guards in his class.

This young man can bring it on the offensive end for sure. His shooting is like cash baby. Although he’s a bit undersized, he’s mentally and physically tough, carries a huge chip on his shoulder. His ball handling abilities have improved dramatically and his passing is helping become more of a TRUE point guard.

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